00. Directed’s Process

Before we start sending you our initial ideas we like to share what we are seeking: The ultimate goal is to evoke emotion and capture the feeling we get when watching something special for the first time.

At Directed we work with what the nature bring us, in our images seasons & weather play a big part.

01. concept

In every project we explore the possibilities of creating the most strong and evoking images. we do variations of internal RnD and try out different compositions for each image.

02. second

we are still exploring possibilities but at the same time looking at the calender deadlines.your collaboration is essential in this step bringing forward your unique ideas.

03. third

In this stage we are pushing the images in retouch and refining everything until the final delivery.

04. delivery

In this stage we send the final image, merging imagination and technical expertise, ready to be sent to print.

-5000px high resolution image.
-final post production.

Looking forward working together.